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CLEANER THAN CLEAN DETAILING offers a wide variety of service and capabilites for our customers, regardless if you require service for your automobile, motorcycle, or airplane. Please take a moment to review our basic services below. But should you require a service that is not listed, then please contact us and we will happily provide you a quote for your service.

CLEANER THAN CLEAN DETAILING has developed an innovative program to meet the needs of businesses large and small. We come right to your place of business and offer discounts ranging from 10%-20%. If you have a fleet or office staff of 5 or more cars, we offer you a choice of packages to keep your vehicles clean and serviced on time with the convenience of monthly billing.

* Platimun Package
* Gold Package
* Silver Package
* Bronze Package
* Ala Carte Package
* Motorcycle Detail Package
* Weekly,Bi-Weekly & Monthly Packages

The Platinum

Starting at $125.00
Trucks & S.U.V's $150.00

We hand wash and clay the entire vehicle. Claying the paint surface will remove paint over-spray, industrial, and environmental pollutant fall-out, rail dust, bird dropping stains, and tree sap. The exterior is polished to remove mild abrasions and scratches. Finally, we apply a superior wax or sealant to achieve a mirror-like wet finish.

• Clean and dress tires
• Remove tar and bug stains
• Hand wash and dry
• Clay treatment
• Condition all leather and vinyl surfaces
• Apply wax and sealant
• Dress all plastic and rubber trim
• Clean and polish all glass surfaces
• Water spot removal
• Clean all door, hood, trunk, and fuel jambs
• Vacuum and shampoo mats
• Air Freshener

The Gold

Starting at $60.00
Trucks & S.U.V.'s $75.00

In this detail, we provide a protective barrier against harsh environmental elements. The camauba wax will restore color and gloss to lightly oxidized finishes and will protect the paint for serveral months.

• Hand wash and wax
• Clean windows and mirrors inside and out
• Clean tires and dress
• Vacuum interior and trunk throughly
• Carpets shampooed
• Polish chrome
• Condition all leather and vinyle surfaces
• Clean all door, hood, trunk, and fuel jambs
• Air freshener

The Silver

Starting at $20.00
Trucks & S.U.V's $25.00

Recommended weekly or twice monthly to keep your vehicle looking good. We use a specially formulated soap w/polymer that will gently remove dirt and grime from the painted surfaces, while enhancing the shine and paint protection. A polymer wax has the longest protection of any modern wax.

• Clean and dress tires
• Exterior hand wash and dry
• Clean and polish all glass surfaces
• Clean all door, hood, trunk, and fuel jambs
• Vacuum trunk compartment
• Vacuum interior carpet and upholstery
• Wipe down instrument panel ans dashboard
• Air freshener

The Bronze

Starting at $10.00
Trucks & S.U.V.'s $15.00

* Exterior (ONLY) hand wash and spray wax,windows and mirrors cleaned, tires cleaned and dressed.

Ala Carte Service

• Carpet Cleaning - $29.95~$69.95
Carpet and mats are pre-spottedfor stains. Carpet is then cleaned to remove ground in dirt and surface grime.

• Engine Shampooing - $30.00~$50.00
Engine compartment is degreased and cleaned. All hoses, valve covers, liquid containers, battery, and other areas cleaned and detailed. A high temperature rubber dressing is applied to hoses to keep them shiny.

• Interior Spruce Up - $69.95~$129.95
Interior is throughly vacuumed, carpets, mats, and upholstery are cleaned to remove dirt and grime. Windows are cleaned and dash board is treated with conditioner.

• Leather Conditioner - $25.00~$50.00
Leather seating surfaces and door panels have a conditioner applied to rejuvenate and protect against spilitting and cracking.

Rain Insurance

Starting at $20.00
Trucks & S.U.V's $25.00

Some time Mother Nature doesn't appreciate a beautifully cleaned vehicle. That's where "RAIN INSURANCE " comes in. In the event it rains within 30 days of your auto detail. Cleaner Than Clean Detailing will rewash, scrub yor wheels, shine your tires and REWAX your vehicle!

This new exciting service is offered as an addition to your FULL DETAIL PRICE.
* Cars & Pickup's are only. $16.00
* SUV's & Mini Vans are only $19.00

How to make a claim:
1. Wait for rain
2. After it rains. Call us to exercise your claim.
3. You will then be scheduled for your WASH and REWAX.
Plese allow up to 14 days due to detail volume.

Monthly Maintenance Program

Starting at $20.00

• Weekly, Bi-Weekly & Monthly
Please inquire for pricing details.

Commercial / Truck Detailing

Cleaner Than Clean Detailing offers full service detailing to:

Dealerships and Wholesale accounts
Tractor Trailer Owner / Operators
Landscaping / Construction Trucks
Limousine and Livery Vehicles
Corporate and Executive Cars
And Much More!

We offer mobile on site service and maintenance programs.

Truck Fleet Wash Pricing

Units Option #1 Soap & Rinse Option #2 Hand Wash
Tractors $25.00 $32.00
Tour Bus $36.00 $44.00
School Bus $21.00 $29.00
Dump Truck $27.00 $35.00
RV $29.00 $37.00
Cars & Pickups $6.50 $12.50
Garbage Truck $36.00 $44.00
1 Axle Truck $36.00 $41.00
2 Axle Truck $41.00 $46.00
Horse Trailers $1.00 per ft. $1.50 per ft.
Campers $1.00 per ft. $1.50 per ft.

Motorcycle Detail Package

Starting at $50.00-$100.00
* Depending on the size of the bike.

• We use only micro fine products for the best detailing possible.
• Complete professional exterior chemical wash and stain remover for dirt and grime around molding that won't come out with just a wash.
• Complete exterior wash and dry. Special non-abrasive wash-mit, soap and chamois cloth used.
• Wheels and tires de-greased, scrubbed and dress.
• Dress (shine) and procet all exterior molding and bumpers, unless painted. Polish and shine all chrome.
• Remove surface water spots from paint.
• Apply special liquid carnauba wax.
• Polish to create a smooth as glass shine and protective coating.

Boat, Motor Homes,and Aircraft

* Please inquire for pricing details.

Cars For Sale!

We will clean and detail your vehicle and help you sell it on our website for FREE! If you don't have a digital camera we will be glad to take a picture of your vehicle for you. Call or email for more information on this offer.

* Serior Citizens Discounts
* Referal Discounts
* Payment Methods ......All Major credit cards, PayPal, checks & cash.



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